Ready. Set. Go!

There have been LOTS of happenings going on over here!  If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've caught a glimpse.  We are finally ready to start our addition after about 8 months of planning.  

Our first order of business was to take down this beast of a tree (a task for which an entire neighborhood now hates us for - but it had to happen - it had begun to rot):

Notice how it looms over the house, can you imagine how much MORE huge this thing was with leaves on it?

This was taken after a bout an hour of work, still a lot left to go.

This is just part of the wood awaiting the chipper - it took 3 full trucks to handle this beast!

As the day progressed my yard became more and more trashed.

Kinda looks like a Dr Seuss tree here.

Finally got through the last of it.  Check out the size of that trunk!

So now this is what we are left with:

I think we'll wind up with a lot more space to work with.  We've now got the lines of the foundations mapped out and we're ready to start digging.

Now for the details of what we are actually doing.  This is what our layout looks like currently:

As you can see we had two bedrooms -  the smaller one has our washer and dryer in it.  That is/was our son's room and as you might imagine posed some problems when needing to do laundry at night or during nap times.

And this is what we are doing/planning:

My son's current room is being turned into our master bath.  He'll move into what is now our room.  The addition - which is about 450 square feet - will house our master bedroom, another bedroom (guest or possible 2nd child - tbd) and a walk in closet (yay!).  I am so excited to finally have #1 a master bathroom and #2 a walk in closet.  I had one years (decades really) back in my old condo.  But since my husband and I moved in together we've had really crappy closets.  Neither of us have had our clothes in the same room since.  Actually he's gotten the better end of the deal, and has had his clothes in the same room in both our house in Florida and our apartment in Salem.  I was relegated to the guest room and our son's room.   

So that's what will be happening here over the next few weeks.  We have a mini excavator out back right now digging the foundation.  Its all so exciting!  Of course I have "designers block" and am having trouble making decisions.  So much easier to do for a client!  Right now I'm currently attempting to work out the tile layout for the master bath floor.  But that is a post for another day!  Stay tuned!