Boston Magazine Design Home 2013 - Blogger Tour

A few weeks ago I was invited to preview Boston Magazine's Design Home 2013 located at The Concordia in Swampscott.  It was a great opportunity to tour the home and meet the design team, who did a fantastic job.

Let me preface this post by saying if you live even remotely near Swampscott, Massachusetts you MUST take the trip and see the design house.  My pictures in no way do any justice to the fantastic work that the designers, developers and contractors did.  And the bonus?  All the proceeds of the ticket sales go to benefit Boston Children' s Hospital!  So take a day trip - or drive the next town over - see some really pretty rooms - and feel good about doing so.  Buy tickets here.

The Concordia is a newly constructed luxury condominium building on the water in Swampscott.  The views are amazing - though the day we toured the property we were fogged in.  Having grown up in Swampscott I knew the fabulous view the future owners would end up with.

This is the view looking back towards Swampscott.  They also have a view looking across the bay to Boston - but that was the foggy view.

Water view decks for the first floor units.  Not too shabby!

These are the sconces on each deck.  Can I just say I have been OBSESSING over these since seeing them.  I LOVE the shape - almost floral, while retaining a very cool retro/seaside look.  Just fantastic.  If a anyone out there knows the manufacturer please, PLEASE let me know.  Just gorgeous!

On to the inside...

The design coordinator team of Jerry Rippetoe and Tony Sienicki did a great job of developing a color palate which accented the sea views without being overly "beachy kitch".  They love to use wallpaper and I've been told "never leave a ceiling plain".  Its either painted or papered.  I bow down to them in this respect.  I keep trying to convince clients to go bold with the ceilings but no takers yet. Maybe this will help:

This is a shot of the entry way - it was pulled off the Concordia website - not my photo.

This is a detail of the ceiling:

And another detail:

They took the same paper from the walls and created a pattern on the ceiling.  Look at how everything lines up!  Kudos not only to the design team but also to the installer - whom ever you are.  Great job!

While I'm not going to show you every room of the 3,600 plus square foot home I will show you some of my favorite vignettes.  Asside from the foyer - which was jaw dropping with the detail on the ceiling - I also really loved the master bedroom. 

They did a great job of blending modern with traditional and making a whole bunch of patterns play nice.  

I am also a big fan of the power bath.  Again with the awesome wallpaper, carried onto the ceiling.  And I loved the taupe-grey fixtures.  This room, to me, is the perfect masculine/feminine blend.  The paper and the fixtures read very masculine but then they throw in a very ornate Venetian mirror for contrast.  LOVE!

I apologize for the glare in the pictures.  I'm working off a not to great point and click and it was overly lit for the tour.  Again - go see in person!  Its worth it!

In the living room I fell in love with two things.  

1. The rug - which is MASSIVE.  There was no way to photograph it.  Landry & Arcari supplied all the rugs and they were all phenomenal.  I happened to be working with Ken from Landry & Arcari (HI KEN!) earlier in the day and he said for me to specifically look for this rug and to look closely.  

Its a masterpiece, and huge!  Have I mentioned its large?  Its also 100 years old.  But beyond its size and age its like a woven "Where's Waldo".  The design has all these different types of animals hidden within its boarder and field.  This shot below is just a small sample:

How many different animals can you see here?  Again, SO much more amazing in person!

The other piece I fell for in the living room was this chair:

It is a unique one of a kind piece and is just so supremely beautiful.  I love the gold detailing, pagoda top and Chinoiserie seat.  

The house is definately a show house, and a show stopper.  They have his and hers master bathrooms.  I called it a "marriage saver".  Still think it is!

This is a shot of "her" space"

Isn't that etagere just fabulous?!  Also totally obsessing /dying over this!

And "his" space:

Loving the sconces on the mirror from local favorites Lucia Lighting - who by the way also did a great job with all the lighting in the Design Home.  I also really like the rich traditional cabinetry paired with the modern faucets.  And again - more wallpaper!

Those are all the pictures that were "good enough to print".  I can't recommend enough taking the trip to see the Design House for yourself.  Remember all the proceeds go to Boston Children's Hospital which is such an amazing non profit.   

Here's another link to buy tickets

Thanks to the folks at Boston Magazine for inviting me to participate in the bloggers tour.  It was a great way to get my creative juices flowing once again.