Bad, Bad Blogger

I should totally be punished!  Quick!  Call the blogger police!  I completely let things slide this summer - which by the way went in the blink of an eye!!  Anyone else feel that way?

So now its time to get off my ass and start posting some stuff!  And I have a lot of it coming.  Here's what I've been working on (all of which will be coming soon):

Loft Living: A cool loft condo in Cambridge for a client

Our "new" dining chairs:

Design on a Dime: Furnishing and styling first "grown up" condo for a clients' son.  All done on a tight $3000 budget.

The design board for the project:

Bloggers Tour:  Boston Mags' design house in Swampscott.  Got a press tour before the opening - boy did that get my creative juices flowing!  See the maser bedroom below!

I'm currently working on all of these posts so check back soon for more on all of this and some pretty pictures to back it all up.