Basement Happenings

Hi Y'all!  So again its been about a month since my last post, but again I've been a busy little bee.

First and foremost my clients' bathroom, and my personal all time favorite space was recently featured on  Click here  (or you can click on the picture to the right) to check out the Before and After editorial. .  SO exciting right?!

So besides being over the moon and attempting to Tweet, Instagram and Facebook that little tidbit, I've also been busy trying to get the basement into a more livable  fashionable condition. We're having a party this weekend and I am frantically trying to put the houses' best foot forward.  

Yes, I know how crazy that sounds.  

I had delusions of grandeur that I would get both bathrooms painted, bench cushions made for the playroom and pillows for both the living and playrooms complete.  Yeah, right!  

Though I have been able to accomplish quite a bit in the last few weeks, I am definitely not going to check off my entire list.  So here is a rundown of my latest DIY accomplishments.

First and foremost my Piece de Resistance- our new hall bath toilet.  Installed by MOI!

Our old toilet was well, crappy!  
Though this was fairly easy to install I definitely recommend reading the directions first! I thought I could be all suave and just install the thing, but no.  First time we flushed it, water gushing, and I mean GUSHING out of the back.  Tried to figure out the issue without any luck.  Had to call my plumber who was, of course, not available.  It was a Saturday and all.  After a break and a trip to Home Depot, I decided I was going to conquer this bitch.  
So I came home and read the directions.  Turns out I had put a piece in the wrong place!  Once that was fixed we were good to go!  Looks pretty swanky right?

Now on to the pretty stuff.   For the last few months our playroom "risers" (not quite sure what else to call them) have looked like this:

My apologies for the crappy iPhone pic.  So this was the general state of the riser area (plus the addition of lots, and lots of toys).  I have always had in my mind that I would make cushions to go on the bench portion and paint the larger platform to be used as a game area.  

I have since painted the unfinished wood part of the riser area with white deck paint.  Very basic.  The fun stuff comes with the fabrics. 

The jumping off point came with this shower curtain I found at Target.  $20 for a 72 x 72 piece of fabric, which is a pretty great deal.

Threshold™ Large Ikat Print Shower Curtain

I had originally thought to use this as fabric for faux roman shades, but then decided the pattern was too big and just too much for my small basement windows.  But it looked fantastic in the room with the wall to wall.  So pillows it is.

After a very fruitful trip to Joann Fabrics this is the general scheme that I'm working with (note the piece of shower curtain in the front):

The solid green is a Sunbrella fabric and will be used on as the seats of the benches.  The rest are pillows and accents, but more on that in a later post.

At this point I've managed to upholster the bench seats.  To do this yourself you'll need the following:

*1/4" plywood cut to the desired size of each cushion.  - In my case I have 2 cushion which are 20 x 52 and one at 18 x 35.  
*Batting - to wrap around the foam - it just gives the finished cushion a little nicer look and helps to soften the edges
*High Density upholstery foam.  I used 2" thick. This part gets expensive but there isn't much that you can do about it.  I was  lucky to get mine at Joann's when it was 50% off which was a HUGE savings.
*Spray adhesive 
*Staple gun and staples
*Fabric of your choice 

 Ok so let's begin!  Start with your board cut to size.  You can have the guys at Home Depot do this for you (assuming that is where you buy the plywood)

 Take your spray adhesive and spray the surface of the wood.  I used Loctite high performance spray adhesive.

Once the surface is completely sprayed, lay your foam down on the wood.  

Press the foam firmly to the wood.

I cut the foam just a bit larger than the wood.  About a 1/8 inch or so.  This way once you pull the batting and fabric around it hides the wood completely.

Next lay your batting down and place the cushion, foam side down on top.  Make sure you have plenty of batting to go up and around each side.  

Next you want to pull the batting up and over the sides.    Make sure to pull the batting tight, but not too tight to rip it.

 Start at the short sides and put a staple in each end in the center.

Now that the batting is secure at each end staple each short end.  Spacing the staples about every inch or so.

When you finish the short sides repeat the same for the long sides.  

The corners are a bit tricky.  I have no easy way to explain how to do them. You just have to play with it a bit.  Its kind of like making "hospital corners" on a bed.  Hopefully your mother taught you how!  :)

When you are finished trim the excess batting.  Make sure to leave about an inch and a half. 

At this point your cushion will look like this on the back (or bottom):

And this on the front (or top side) 

Next step is to upholster the benches.  Again lay your fabric down.  Make sure to iron out any wrinkles first. Then repeat the whole process.   Pulling the fabric tight and starting at the short ends. 

The finished cushion will look like this:

And this is what they look like on the (newly painted) risers:

 You can choose to use super strong Velcro to stick the cushions to the seat, or can use rug gripper pads.  Mine are pretty large so at this point they aren't moving, but we haven't been through the full on kid test.  So  jury is still out on that one.

 Looks good right?!
Still needs some throw pillows and those windows are desperate for help, but all in good time.

Stay tuned, I'm having some fun with spray paint as well!