Client Master Bath

Its about time I got around to writing this post.  I've only been thinking about and composing it since last fall when this project wrapped!

This is a master bath gut job that I did for a friend/client.  It is one of my favorite rooms thus far and one that I am the most proud of.  Lets start with some before shots, shall we??

This was the view upon entering the space.  Beige and flesh tones, blech.  Nice cathedral ceiling though.  

This is/was one of the largest jetted tubes I've seen.   My clients would fill the tub with plastic balls and create a ball pit for their two kids.  
Great for a ball pit, as a bathing space, not so much! 

We go from one of the worlds largest tubs, to the worlds smallest shower.  And check out the height of the shower curb.  Now don't get me wrong, shower curbs are great, they keep all the water in the shower and not in your bathroom.  But at 10 inches.  Its a bit much!  Talk about stubbed toes!

And the lovely vanity.  Double sinks great, flesh tones, not.  

So besides being dated and lets face it, ugly, the space also did not work for my clients.   
They are more shower people and bath, so the proportions were completely wrong.  Way too much bath, and way too little shower.  
In addition to that issue they also didn't have enough storage and the room was cold.  This room was at the far end of the house, over a garage.  There was no heated space below to help warm things up and quite simply not the right amount of insulation.

We started by gutting the room down to the studs and then spray foaming the entire space.  Unfortunately I don't have any shots of the gut job.  But here are some in-progress shots...

Tile going up in the shower.  We went with a porcelain which looks like marble.  Large scale rectangular in the shower with an off set subway tile pattern.  The same tile is on the floor in a large scale square.

We created a huge shower, enough for the entire family to shower at once.  The shower was put back into its original space at the back of the bathroom.  We put two "windows" into the shower to take advantage of as much natural light as possible.  

The cabinets going in.  The cabinets are by Bertch.  They are a great company who manufactures here in the US and has a lot of environmental positives.  The finish is one of their newer ones called Shale which is a weathered grey.  Its a great contrast to the more sleek finishes in the tiles.

Here are the two sides of the shower that house the fixtures.  We chose a fantastic "stained glass" tile from Sonoma Tile in two different sizes.  The smaller size we ran vertically down the two walls of the shower and horizontally in the shower niche. 

The floor was inset with the larger size of the stained glass tile for added interest and "wow" factor.  

A view of what will become the showers "windows".

The room has super high ceilings which we didn't want to just "paint".  We needed to do something to make the scale of the room, and the walls feel a bit more human and cozy.  The client had originally thrown out the idea of wallpaper.  But in a bathroom its not great, and it a bathroom with a steam shower (which they added in) its down right horrible.  It would look great for about a millisecond and then begin to peel off the walls.  

So I called on my fabulous faux finisher Kasia (if you've read any of my other blog posts you've heard about her).  Kasia, the clients and myself came up with a fantastic faux stenciled finish that in the end looks like wallpaper - only better.  Its paint and it has a clear coat over it so it will never yellow, and is impervious to mold and water.  Triple bonus!!

Here are some shots of the stencil going up.

And now for the finished space...


 I am thrilled with how this room turned out and my clients love it was well which is even more important! 

 Thanks to all the pros and trades who helped out!
Tom Jacobs Construction
Designer Bath - special thanks to Mindy
Kasia Mirowska - Miro Art and Design
Jennifer at The Tile Source
Joe and Jerry at Tile by Design
Joshua Shaul - photography