Almost there...

Ok, so I'm finally ready to post some (almost) finished spaces!  I know its been a long time since my last post.  And an even longer time since I posted about the house, but I have lots of excuses!  Some of them are even good!

First and foremost, I'm still a complete novice when it comes to blogging.  It just isn't ingrained into my mind/schedule to sit down and post on a regular basis. 

Ok, that's excuse number 1.  

We also moved two weeks ago and between the actual trauma of moving, unpacking, organizing, a toddler, and some small client projects here and there,  I just haven't had time.  

And for my final excuse, well I'm a bit crazy (for those of you who know me you are snorting, rolling eyes, laughing out loud, or a combination of the three, at the "bit" part) and I have this aversion to posting something that isn't "perfect" at least in my eyes/mind.    So the pictures you are about to see are actually a bit hard for me to put out there because they just aren't "finished".  The finished product will come (I hope sooner rather than later), but right now there is just so much love this house needs that some of the decorative has to take a back seat to the practical.

OK!  Enough rambling onto the pretty stuff!! I hope you enjoy!  Lets take a look a a few "before" shots shall we??....
The Living Room Day One.

 And now....

Again this is no way finished.  That fabulous colored flame stitch pillow is currently just fabric waiting to be made into a pillow.  Anyone out there with a sewing machine that I can borrow?   Holla at me!!!  I have drapery panels to be "hacked" yet no rods to hang them on.  Furniture to be refinished/repainted, the list is endless.  

But despite all of this I am really digging the way this room has turned out.  The wall treatment is so fabulous.  Many, many, many thanks to Kasia at Miro Art and Design for helping me with this. 

 I wish you all could see the nuances of the walls.  The metallic with the glaze over is just so luscious.  I've had several people comment that it looks like wallpaper.  And while I am super happy with how this turned out, it was so not for the novice faux finisher.  In retrospect I probably should have had Kasia just do it herself.  As it was she helped with the entire glaze process just because it was nearly impossible for me to figure out on my own.  And once you start there is really no going back, no stopping, and no room for screw ups.  But all that is for another post.  

 This is an attempt at a detail shot of the wall.  The overall effect is less purple/pink and more of a true copper.  

Here you can see the copper coming through and the movement that the striee glaze provides.  Again, just so cool, but also very subtle.  

Here's a shot at night complete with the sleeping dog.

Onto the kitchen.... again lets start with a "before" or two...

And now for the "after"

Ahhh... SO much better right?   So many things that I love about this kitchen, many of which I didn't do.  I know, shocker right?!  The space itself is just great.  The light is fabulous and the cathedral ceiling makes the room feel twice as big.  

As for what I added, I'm thrilled with the way the cabinets turned out and taking out that ugly light over the sink just makes that whole wall look better.  I love the barstools I scored.  They totally rock and will rock even more once I get rid of the rush and cover the seats in this:

The roman shade also turned out quite well if I don't say so myself.  Again another post will come with details but if you can't wait check out this link with all the details:  No sew roman shade.

 Much better, right??!!!

That's all for now folks.  More VERY soon, I promise!  I'll share some behind the scenes details on the kitchen and living room projects and also our plans for our addition!