The Power of Paint -2

 I have been completely MIA on this blog as of late, and for that I do apologize   But I've had really good excuses!  For one, I've been in Cambridge the past few weeks staging a house for sale.   It is the residence of a former Harvard Professor and his wife who was a former school teacher.  Pictures and info on that to come soon.  What a job!  This guy had an obsession with books, I mean bordering on hoarding.  There must have been 10,000 books which needed to be dealt with.  And to make matters worse he is no longer with us and his widow never touched anything.  I mean nothing!  But again fodder for another post.

So my other reason for not blogging as of late as I have been painting every free second!  Or shoveling!  Ugh, I hate shoveling. 

We are trying to get into the house as soon as possible.  Carrying two houses in winter is not OK by us.  So I have suppressed my design diva and have declared that if we get the kitchen and basement finished we can officially move.  So here is the progress:

The kitchen before:

The kitchen in progress (note we still have the ugly back splash tile here):

The kitchen now:

Notice the lack of cheesy apple/flowered back splash tiles?  Yup the power of paint strikes again!  Once again we sanded the you know what out of the tile, and then hit it with a coat of a bonding primer.  This is with just the primer.  Already such an improvement   Next step is to give it a coat of high gloss white.  I hope to tackle that over the weekend.  We've also given all the doors, drawers and the bases a third coat of paint.  Just to be super sure.  This is a kitchen after all and will get a LOT of wear and tear.  The ceiling has also been freshly painted and the walls are finished.  We just have to get that gloss white up on the back splash and paint the trim, which also has a coat of primer.

I've also managed to say "buh by" to all the beige trim on the first floor.  Yuck!  So yellow and gross!  Here is again the before:

You can't really tell from these pictures how awful the beige was, you'll just have to trust me.  It was bad.  Here is what things look like now:

Ahh, white...

So much better with just a coat of primer! We've been using an oil primer for all of the trim.  The trim had oil paint on it, and the house had sat empty for a while.  I was strongly encouraged to go with an oil primer.  But we'll use a latex base for th final coat.  Which  I hope to start painting next week.  But first I have to finish off the basement.  And yes, if you are wondering I am ALL OVER THE PLACE in this house.  I totally have renovation ADD!

So here is what the basement looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now.  Still in progress but WAAAAY better!

Just taking the carpet up was a huge help.  That rocket ship (which has become such a pain in the ass) has one coat of stain blocking primer on it.  Which as you can see didn't help all that much!

This is what the walls look like with just primer. And a fresh coat of ceiling white.

Rocket ship wall after stain blocking primer and regular primer.  Hopefully the marker won't bleed through.

That dark spot you see on the floor?   Yeah, that's a water stain.  Lovely, right?  All the rain and snow melt mean water seeping out from under the ledge.  This "stage/seating area" is covering the ledge.

We are going to handle this by putting down a "Dricore" sub floor system.  It is basically an alternate type of  moisture barrier.  Typically a moisture barrier is a thin film of plastic.  In most cases this is ok.  Not so much on concrete slab.  Why?  Because while the plastic might keep water from ruining whatever your finished floor is, it doesn't allow for the water to go anywhere.  So it sits there and can lead to mildew and mold.  The Dricore panels have little plastic feet all over the bottom which allow water to flow, in our case (hopefully) toward the sump pump.  The top is particle board.  You can put any flooring on top of them.  They look like this:

  7/8 in. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. Aspen Subfloor Panel
For the playroom we needed 120 panels.  They are 2 ft x 2 ft each.  We needed a full pallet.  In order to get said pallet to the house we needed to rent a truck, which I got to drive!  Fun!  It was pretty funny actually, little girl, big truck and all.   This is my tough face (sort of):

Samson also got a turn driving:

Anyway, back to the basement.  This is the area rug we are considering. 

Its got an awful lot of green in it, which I'm not digging.   But it's super affordable ($2.20/sq ft) and durable.  Nylon commercial grade.  Even though its a commercial grade carpet it is very soft.  And the low pile would be great for Samson to play on.  I was hoping I could pull out the blue and go with a white and turquoise theme with a punch of orange.  

This is what I had in mind, but in this picture the green goes way too mossy.  Still a "to be determined".

Well that's all for now.  I'm off for a hot shower and some Tylenol after shoveling the foot of snow we weren't supposed to get!