Progress at a snails pace

So it seems like winter is against me.  Anyone else feel this way?  Every weekend there is snow.  Which we are stuck shoveling at not one, but two houses.  Then when we finish shoveling and try and get down to work, someone gets sick.  Me, the babe, the hubby, even our workmen.  Again I say: it seems like winter is against me.  

BUT Spring comes this week!!!  Perhaps this means we will turn a corner and finish the necessary makeovers/adjustments to be able to finally move?!  I friggin hope so!

In between the many snow storms and sicknesses I did make a few decisions.  Which I am finding very hard to do for myself.  I generally don't have this problem with clients, and rarely second guess myself.  But in MY home its another story.  I almost feel like I rushed the process in my eagerness to jump in with both feet and may have made some (gulp) mistakes?!  Not sure.  Only time and a finished product will tell.  

Anyway back to those decisions.  After wavering for a while (like three weeks) on the carpet for the playroom we finally (well I finally) decided to pull the trigger on the green/blue stripe.

I was really concerned about the green, until I started to shop for some fun fabrics.  I really want to play up the blue/turquoise color and hopefully add some splashes of orange for some pop!  This is what I've found so far.  I've ordered samples and can't wait to see them in person to see if any of this will actually work.

Spice Market, Lime

Ripples, Aqua

Premier Prints Chloe - Birch Barkcloth Drapery Fabric in Frost $12.95 per yard

Premier Prints Menagerie Cotton Drapery Fabric in Grasshopper/Natural $7.48 per yard

Premier Prints Rio Cotton Drapery Fabric in Grasshopper/Natural $7.48 per yard

Richloom Kashan Ikat Drapery Fabric in Kiwi $8.95 per yard

Not sure if I will love/hate any of these, or in what combo they will appear,  but ya got to start somewhere right?  So the other details of the room, you might be wondering?  Well the entire room is being painted white.   Snow White by Ben Moore to be exact.  I thought that was fitting as the main purpose of this room will be a play room.   Ok almost the whole room will be white. 

 I've decided to paint the column and beam in an accent color. 
TBD but some sort of blue picked up from the carpet/fabrics.  

 Besides the plethora of toys which (thankfully) will no longer reside in my living/dining room we will also have our sleep sofa.  This is a gem I picked up many years ago while working at Roche Bobois and is the MOST comfortable sleep sofa ever made!  It looks like this:
Ignore the awful blinds and all the black.  This was our "sunroom" in Florida.  It was basically a hodgepodge of a room packed with stuff that never really got finished.  

The upholstery is white and is in need of some TLC.  But that's OK, because ladies and gents (well probably  just ladies) its a SLIPCOVER!  Don't ya just love it!  Can't wait to get this sucker out of our basement storage and into my new washer.  I think a little bleach will be in order to really brighten her up.  

OK, So lets review, white walls, white sofa. 
Greenish/blue wall to wall.  
Fabrics with green / blue pop as pillows on the sofa.  And cushions/pillows on the still to be finished bench here:
Orange accents.

I think this will work people!  And we just might finally have some progress!