Ikat Obession

I have an obsession with Ikat.  I can't seem to stop looking at/for this pattern.  So I thought I'd help to get it out of my system by posting some of my favorite Ikats here.  I've had a thing for the pattern in fabric for about a year or two but the REAL obsession started with this:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tile from New Ravenna Mosaics.  I love everything about this bathroom, the mirror, sconces, simple vanity.  Just perfection!  

But I couldn't just stop there, the whole Ikat line from New Ravenna is GEORGEOUS!

Again love the entire vignette!  Especially the old school brass fillers and wood mirror combo.  What a great contrast of materials.  New Ravenna has really (in my opinion) hit it out of the park with this collection.  Please go and check them out.  So stunning!  I am dying to have one of these mosaics in our new master bath.

My other current fabric obsession is flame stitch and or chevron.  I posted this fabric a while ago and am using it as pillows for our new living room.

So I kinda flipped when I found this (also from New Ravenna Mosaics)

Its double the obsessing!! Ikat Chevron!!!  Drooling....

Moving on... another Ikat Chevron via Cutting Edge Stencils.

Love it and considered it for the hall bath, but I think I'm leaning towards another pattern (more on that later).  But if you want/need some Ikat on your walls you can go with one of these:

ikat wallpaper stencil


ikat stencil

Both are also from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Not a D.I.Y. er?  How about some wallpaper.  Love this from Quadrille/China Seas:

Oh and that rug from Madeline Weinrib is pretty fabulous as well!

I mean really her shit is so fabulous. One day I will make enough money to indulge in one of her carpets or fabrics.

Another Quadrille.  I also love almost everything from Quadrille.  Another source I hope to one day have in my home. 

But if Ikat on your walls is not your thing than perhaps you want some on your floor:

Ikat Encaustic cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.  Again with the Ikat/chevron.  SEE!  I really DO have a problem.  It is probably a bit much for some, but as a bathroom floor with everything else white.  Maybe a bit of dark wood thrown in.  Gorgeous!  

Not for you?  Ok I get it.  Need something more simple for an Ikat fix? Check these out:

Ikat pillows and purple grasscloth?  Yes please!

This, to me, is the most classic use of this type of pattern.  Clean, neutral room well balanced with some wood and dark pieces and pops of color.  Oh, and do you spy that Lucite cocktail table?  Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed with Lucite as well.  My game plan for the living room involves this table (eventually)

Ok folks. I think I've gotten it out of my system.  Thanks for putting up with me!  I feel freed!  I feel like I can finally find something else to obsess about!  

Stay tuned!....