The Power of Paint

Finally a chance to write a post and something to show!!!  Its been a while but we finally have some progress in the house!  Behold: the Kitchen!!!

Ok, so its totally not finished.  Note the lack of lower doors and the hideous back splash tile is still visible.  But we have progress and I just couldn't wait to share!!!

Lets go back to the beginning.  We started with this:

And to get to this:

there were many steps involved.

Here's what it took to get to this point.

Step 1.

Take all the doors off (possibly obvious, but I'm being thorough) .  Make sure to number them and draw yourself a diagram.  I recommend taking the hinges off as well, if possible.  We did and I was able to write the number in the hole where the hinge sits.  That way I didn't have to worry about painting over the number.

Step 2.

This was by far the most tedious step for me.  You have to sand all the doors (fronts and backs), the drawer fronts and all the cabinet boxes and trim.  So not fun.  Our door fronts are raised panels which meant the sanding went really slow.  I used a 200 grit sand paper.  You need to give everything a light sanding.  Just to rough up the surface.  But be sure to hit every surface.  I missed one small area and the primer just beaded up and pulled away.

Step 3.

Wash down all those surfaces that you just sanded.  For all of the cabinet boxes and trim we just used a wet Mister Clean sponge.  That worked really well.  For the door fronts and backs I had to use a tack cloth.  Tack cloth is available at any hardware store.  Its like a combination of cheese cloth and fly paper.  Super sticky.  It was necessary though to get all of the fine particles and dust out of all the crevices   You do not want any dust to show up once you start to paint.

Step 4.

This is the step where you start to see some progress.  Use a bonding primer and paint everything that you just sanded.  I used GripCoat, a bonding primer from California Paint.  Surprisingly we only used about a half a gallon. So I'll have plenty left over for the back splash and bathroom. 

When we (and the we I am referring to in this post is my mom, Thanks Mom!!!) finished the cabinets looked like this:

As you can see the primer coat is not full coverage.  But you don't need that, you just need a light coverage on every surface.

Step 5.

The fun begins.  Now its time for the real paint.  So there are a few different ways to go when painting cabinets.  One is to use oil paint.  That will give you a very smooth, strong surface.  But it takes forever to cure (dry) between coats and it is very smelly.  The other option is to use a water based paint, and I've even heard of people sealing this afterwards for added strength.

We did neither of the above.  We did two coats of a wonderful new product from C2 called Cabinet & Trim.

This stuff is SUPER cool!  C2 (which is a great paint company in the first place) has hooked up with Vermont Natural Coatings and has added PolyWhey to their latex paint.  What does this do you might be asking?  Well it essentially helps the latex (water based) paint to act like a oil paint.  Meaning it will give you smoother coverage and will be more durable but without the oil stink.  AND its natural!!! Love it!!!  Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and made from recycled dairy whey.  Basically recycled cheese!  

It covers so nicely!  I was really worried about the fridge cabinet and the island and brush marks.  But this paint smooths itself out just like oil!

Here are some more of the progress photos from the weekend:

Cabinet doors after the primer coat.  Awaiting a first coat of paint.

My mom finishing up the primer on some doors.

After the first coat of both colors.

Had to throw in some pics of my little man.  This is him and my mom from today.  He really likes to climb the ladders.

This is him telling her she missed a spot, on the ceiling apparently!

Last one, cause he's such a cutie!

So for the colors we decided on C2's Seraph for the top and Farrow and Ball's Railings for the bases.  We had our local paint store (thanks Jon @ Waters & Brown!) custom mix the Farrow and Ball color into the C2 paint.  (Sorry Farrow & Ball, you're too rich for my wallet).

After two coats of paint on the backs we decided to hang the doors and finish them that way.  This is after one coat of paint.

Here are the backs of the base cabinets awaiting my return tomorrow with one coat of paint thus far.

So all in all a productive weekend.  So excited to finally see some real change!  The whole fam helped out and we were all busy little bees today.  We ended up having to send my little man away to hang out with his great grandmother after he kept putting his hands on the wet cabinets.  While my mom and I were attacking the kitchen, my husband and dad ripped up the rest of the nasty sub floor in the basement.

That's all for tonight folks!  The little man is heading for bed and so am I.  Can't wait to be back with more finished pics.  Oh and be on the look out for additional posts from the @Passport2Design bloggers tour.  If I can tear myself away from painting long enough to write them!