50 Shades of Grey

Ok so not THAT 50 Shades of Grey, which surprisingly I haven't read!  Its more the theme for the house at this point.  Kasia was kind enough to stop by again with sample boards and a few more paint thoughts.  I think we are in good shape and have narrowed the color scheme down to this:

For the walls in the kitchen and hallway we've decided on Iced Cube Silver by Ben Moore: 


For the upper cabinets we've decided on Benjamin Moore's Moonshine.

Its a really pretty grey with a slight green cast, but it works really well in the space and with our lighting.  I had been going back and forth on the color of the bases.  Had been considering Ben Moore's Baby Seal Black


 but was waiting on a sample of Railings from Farrow and Ball to arrive.  It arrived yesterday and I was able to put a sample up.  This is by far the winner!

Farrow & Ball Railings
I know its super hard to tell the difference on a computer screen.  And many of you would tell me they look the same in person, but the Baby Seal Black has a hint of blue, and Railings is more of a true grey with a slight brown undertone.  It looks fantastic in the space!

I'm playing with very subtle shade differences in the main living spaces.  It won't have as much impact on line, but in person it will (hopefully) be fabulous.  Very sophisticated.  

I also took a look at the cabinet handles I ordered as samples.  While I love the color/tone of these

I'm just not sure I am in love with the handle itself.  They might be a bit too delicate.  I am thinking I might need to go a bit bigger (read: more expensive, gulp!).  They are great at $1.25 a pop, but I don't think I'm sold.

Now on to the fun stuff!!!!  Here comes the rest of the grey!  In the dining room, which is directly opposite to the kitchen we are going to do a decorative treatment.  The sample is something Kasia had produced for another client, they didn't go for it, what a shame!  The base is almost a putty color and the glaze is called Pearl so it has a slight sparkle to it.  It does a really great job of bouncing the light around which is great as there is only the one set of windows up high.  Also the ceilings, though they are 7 1/2 ft seem super low coming off of the 12 ft ceiling in the kitchen.  This does a great job of adding some extra brightness.  Here is what the sample board looks like:

 Pictures just don't do it an ounce of justice!  Once its all finished I'll get some better pictures for you.

In the living room we are going for something that will (hopefully) look something like this:

This sample is a fabulous plaster with a waxed finish.  It has copper undertones with a grey wash over and a bit of metallic wax.  Super cool!  Not something I can attempt on my own right now with everything that needs to be prepped and painted.  Kasia has graciously offered to attempt to achieve this same look/feel with paint and glaze.  If its not possible to acheive the same look Kasia will help me to execute the plaster, or rather, I'll help her to do it for us!  :)  We also picked a custom (by Kasia of course) light/mid tone grey for the trim.   Can't wait to say buh-by to all the beige trim.  Blech!

So excited by all of this!  Which the prep work would go faster (and that I'd have more time to get it done) so that we could see some results.  Which of course I am all too happy to share with y'all!

In the mean time I've attempted to satiate my need for all things pretty by a little excursion to Zimmans in Lynn over the weekend.  While there I picked up samples of these fabrics:

I am so diggin the crazy Ikat flame stitch.  I had dreams of using it on these barstools:

Ikea Henriksdal counter stool

But alas, it is 100% linen, sigh.  I'd have to be completely out of my mind to attempt a slipcover in that.  With a 3 year old!  I don't THINK so!  So maybe pillows in the living room?  We'll see.  Still playing around with everything.  

So that's all for now folks! I have some fabulous ideas brewing for the hall bath that I'll share with you soon.  So stay tuned!!!