Hello All (or really just Jill who is probably the only person who will read this at first!) :)  

Welcome to my newly created blog.  

This is my first foray into the blogosphere so be patient.  First a little about myself (and the reason behind this blog).  I'm an interior designer, wife, mom, shop-a- holic and general design junkie.   I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but didn't want it just to be based on my interior design business.  So when my husband and I decided to buy a house it seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive right in (in more ways than one!).

SO lets get started!  We are about to buy cute little ranch house which I am thrilled to redo/redesign room by room (Literally ABOUT to!  We close on Thursday!).  Eventually we will add an addition on... but I digress.  I love the idea of recording our(my) journey of turning this unloved and lost little ranch into the fabulous home I believe it can (and will be).  Lets face it, it really is MY journey.  Though the hubby has some say, really this is my baby.

So with out further adieu here are some before shots of our soon to be lovely little ranch....



More pictures to come.  These are of the kitchen (obvious, I know) living room and dining area.  The tiny bedrooms will not be a focus as we're planning on an addition, more on that later.  For now I'm planning on focusing on these 3 rooms, and the basement.  The basement will consist of my office and a playroom/guest room space.  Pictures of that (hideous as it is now) will come soon.

So here you have it! The first images of our lovely little ranch.  That's my hubby and son in the outside shot.  More coming soon on whats to come (hint, it entails a LOT of paint!!)