And so it begins....

So we are officially homeowners yet again!

We are jumping right in feet first with tearing up, patching, painting and stripping of wallpaper.  And its a family affair!  Yesterday and today we got everyone involved, even our 3 yo Samson!


He had a really fun time first writing on the walls (a ONE TIME ONLY) experience he's been told.  Then helping to strip the wallpaper.  The kid has no fears and was climbing up on the ladders with us.  He even tried to climb the scaffolding which we strictly forbid (or at least tried to, caught him a few times half way up)
We tackled a lot of the wallpaper in the kitchen.  My mom, the acrobat that she is tackled most of the high stuff.

I managed to tackle most of the one soon to be "accent" wall.  And some of the high stuff.

Horrible picture, can't believe I'm actually putting it on the web!!

Looks so much better already!!  We'll finish tomorrow...

My hubby and dad tackled the carpet on the stairs (I warned you this was gross, be warned again!!!)

My husband and I tackled most of the "seating" area together.  Mostly because I was dying to know what was under there!  We figured it was ledge as most of Marblehead is built on ledge.  Though there was some, as far as we could tell its mostly a big glob of concrete?  Strange, I know!  My thought is that there is ledge under the concrete and some genius thought if they dumped a big ol mess of concrete over it that it would seal it.  Game plan here is to find some cheap labor to come in and jack hammer it out.  Which would be a total bonus as then we'd get way more use out of the room.  So here are the before shots.  

It was really way more disgusting in person!

And now we have during:

And after, or at least after the carpet and pad was removed.  SO much brighter!!

I've also been toying with colors for the kitchen a bit more.  I was feeling a bit all over the place so I asked my friend and fabulous faux finisher Kasia Mirowska to come over to brain storm with me.  Check here out here.  She is a super fabulous painter and decorative artist and I greatly value her opinion.  We've worked out a plan for some decorative finishes for the living room and dining room (sample boards to come soon) and have changed directions a bit for the kitchen.  I'm sorry for the lack of pretty visuals but I left all my paint fans at the house, so you'll just have to wait!