House Happenings - Decisions, Decisions

Hello from renoland!

The craziness has now moved inside!  This weekend we moved our son into our room so that on Monday the guys could begin to demo his room. 

This is what the space looked like when we bought it:

The previous owners had enlarged a closet to fit the washer and dryer.  Which is where it has been since we moved in April.  Laundry time had to be restricted to during the day when Samson either wasn't home or napping.  Not ideal to say the least.

We made room as cozy as we could for the time being. 

Sorry for the blurry picture - but its all I had of the space before.  That's Sammy playing with my 87 year old grandma!  

So this is what the room looks like now;

This area with the floor intact will become the hallway to the new bedrooms

A view into our future bedroom.

Hopefully the framing, electrical and plumbing will progress smoothly (and quickly) after the holiday so that we can get the spray foam people in.  This room - which becomes our master bath - is open to the addition - which although sided - has no insulation.  The whole back of the house is freezing!  Makes me a bit nervous with the record low temps that are being predicted for the weekend.  

The gutting of this room has forced me into decision making mode.  A problem for me, and I think, for a lot of designers out there.  It is SO much easier help clients make decisions than to have to make one for myself.  BUT the plumber needs to get started and we need the valves for the faucets and shower fixtures.  So plowing forward I am!

My general design scheme for the bathroom is classic with a twist.  I am envisioning whites, grays and blacks with some warm woods, a mix of metals and a fun twist (to be revealed later).  

These are some of my inspiration images:

Love the floor detail, and all that white with the warmth of the wood.

LOVE the gold fixtures here!

So onto plumbing fixtures.  I am obsessed with the idea of wall mount faucets and a skirted toilet.  I am trying to make that work whatever way possible.

In my dreams - and my dreams just don't match my pocketbook - I would have these fixtures from Kohler:

This is their Purist fixture in Vibrant Modern Brushed Gold.  Isn't it stunning? Sigh...

But those just aren't an option right now.  So I've been on the hunt for something more affordable for us.  I am determined to have wall mount - just love the cleanliness of it and since the walls are open we can do this.  Word to the wise here - the faucets are generally sold as just TRIM - meaning only the pretty stuff.  You also need to buy the specific valve for each faucet which can cost a pretty penny as well. 

This is what I have found - at no less!

This is a faucet by Danze - a newer brand with a very reasonable price point.  After I found it my husband chimed in and told me he'd prefer one handle versus two.  Luckily Danze also has this:

I ordered one of each from and I'm not unimpressed by the quality.  I still want my plumber to see them before I pull the trigger though. 

My plumber really likes Symmons for valves and fixtures.  They tend to be well made and also have a good price point.  Luckily they have shower fixtures from their Dia line that look like this:

Pretty good match right?  

So with those decisions out of the way - for the most part  - kinda, sort of, but not really- I'm on to tile.  

I know I want to do marble on the floor.  I'm thinking 12 x 12's with an inset of something - probably a herringbone.  

Something along these lines:

I really like the black mini mosaic tile framing the basket weave.  I'm leaning more towards a chevron tile though - as that is one of my other obsessions.

 If my pocketbook was a bit deeper I'd probably go with something like this:

Stunning - right?  So as that's not an option - I figure a herringbone in some form of white marble inset into a picture frame will have to feed my obsession - for now.

The shower will have a similar treatment - a decorative inset on the back wall - but with a surround of white subway tile instead of marble.  Right now I'm coveting/obsessing a few of the lines from New Ravenna mosaics.  Their designs are just plain OFF THE HOOK!

I mean really?!  Just so stunning!  But wait!  I have other New Ravenna loves!
There's this:

And this:

And this:

So many beauties to choose from!  Thankfully I'm still a little bit away from having to make this decision.  I'm all decisioned out for now!  For myself that is!!!

A Masculine Condo - Designed on a Dime

Hello All!
Can't believe we are almost at the end of October!  There have been lots of happenings over here.  Our addition is in full swing - we have the beginnings of walls and a roof!  It is so very cool to watch it all happening day by day. But alas, that is a post for another day.

Right now I'm going to show you the reveal of a project which recently wrapped.  I was asked to design/decorate the newly purchased condo of one of my oldest and dearest clients' son.  He had recently purchased his first pad in an up and coming neighborhood of South Boston.  The condo is not overly large - about 700 square feet - but it has great bones and the two rooms are a good size.

We needed to furnish and decorate the living and dining spaces and the master bedroom.  The only pieces of furniture that were existing that we had to work with were a dresser and his bed and headboard.

Here are some before pictures of the space.

This is the master bedroom, not a bad size - but the layout wasn't working for the space.

The dining area - I have no idea who that guy is!

The entire space - for the most part.  Living, dining and kitchen areas.

 The living room - check out the sweet plaid upholstery!  There are no words...

So how did we transform this "diamond in the rough".

We repainted the entire apartment, added crown molding - a move in gift from Mom & Dad - and went on an Ikea shopping trip.

This is the floorplan I came up with.  Things basically stayed the same in the living/dining area, but made a major floorplan change in the bedroom.  We moved the bed from the small window wall to the longer wall opposite the door.  This gives the room the appearance of much more space.

Now, on to the good stuff!  Here is the project board that I did for the client with, for the most part, all of the pieces we ended up choosing:

Clockwise from top left:
5. Dining Chair - Restoration Hardware - we ended up with these - on sale for a great deal!
7.  Lounge chairs - Ikea - the ones we have are discontinued.  The link is a similar version.
11.  Area Rug

We rounded things out with some lighting and drapery treatments from Ikea and some additional accents from Home Goods.

And now for the finished product!!!!  

Here is the bedroom first:

The chests are from Target and the rugs are two of these from Ikea put together.

The Living Room:

Dining Area:

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with how this condo turned out.  It is exactly what my client's son wanted, and my client is beyond thrilled.  Especially as we keep joking that this new pad is going to land him a wife!  

Ready. Set. Go!

There have been LOTS of happenings going on over here!  If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've caught a glimpse.  We are finally ready to start our addition after about 8 months of planning.  

Our first order of business was to take down this beast of a tree (a task for which an entire neighborhood now hates us for - but it had to happen - it had begun to rot):

Notice how it looms over the house, can you imagine how much MORE huge this thing was with leaves on it?

This was taken after a bout an hour of work, still a lot left to go.

This is just part of the wood awaiting the chipper - it took 3 full trucks to handle this beast!

As the day progressed my yard became more and more trashed.

Kinda looks like a Dr Seuss tree here.

Finally got through the last of it.  Check out the size of that trunk!

So now this is what we are left with:

I think we'll wind up with a lot more space to work with.  We've now got the lines of the foundations mapped out and we're ready to start digging.

Now for the details of what we are actually doing.  This is what our layout looks like currently:

As you can see we had two bedrooms -  the smaller one has our washer and dryer in it.  That is/was our son's room and as you might imagine posed some problems when needing to do laundry at night or during nap times.

And this is what we are doing/planning:

My son's current room is being turned into our master bath.  He'll move into what is now our room.  The addition - which is about 450 square feet - will house our master bedroom, another bedroom (guest or possible 2nd child - tbd) and a walk in closet (yay!).  I am so excited to finally have #1 a master bathroom and #2 a walk in closet.  I had one years (decades really) back in my old condo.  But since my husband and I moved in together we've had really crappy closets.  Neither of us have had our clothes in the same room since.  Actually he's gotten the better end of the deal, and has had his clothes in the same room in both our house in Florida and our apartment in Salem.  I was relegated to the guest room and our son's room.   

So that's what will be happening here over the next few weeks.  We have a mini excavator out back right now digging the foundation.  Its all so exciting!  Of course I have "designers block" and am having trouble making decisions.  So much easier to do for a client!  Right now I'm currently attempting to work out the tile layout for the master bath floor.  But that is a post for another day!  Stay tuned!

Boston Magazine Design Home 2013 - Blogger Tour

A few weeks ago I was invited to preview Boston Magazine's Design Home 2013 located at The Concordia in Swampscott.  It was a great opportunity to tour the home and meet the design team, who did a fantastic job.

Let me preface this post by saying if you live even remotely near Swampscott, Massachusetts you MUST take the trip and see the design house.  My pictures in no way do any justice to the fantastic work that the designers, developers and contractors did.  And the bonus?  All the proceeds of the ticket sales go to benefit Boston Children' s Hospital!  So take a day trip - or drive the next town over - see some really pretty rooms - and feel good about doing so.  Buy tickets here.

The Concordia is a newly constructed luxury condominium building on the water in Swampscott.  The views are amazing - though the day we toured the property we were fogged in.  Having grown up in Swampscott I knew the fabulous view the future owners would end up with.

This is the view looking back towards Swampscott.  They also have a view looking across the bay to Boston - but that was the foggy view.

Water view decks for the first floor units.  Not too shabby!

These are the sconces on each deck.  Can I just say I have been OBSESSING over these since seeing them.  I LOVE the shape - almost floral, while retaining a very cool retro/seaside look.  Just fantastic.  If a anyone out there knows the manufacturer please, PLEASE let me know.  Just gorgeous!

On to the inside...

The design coordinator team of Jerry Rippetoe and Tony Sienicki did a great job of developing a color palate which accented the sea views without being overly "beachy kitch".  They love to use wallpaper and I've been told "never leave a ceiling plain".  Its either painted or papered.  I bow down to them in this respect.  I keep trying to convince clients to go bold with the ceilings but no takers yet. Maybe this will help:

This is a shot of the entry way - it was pulled off the Concordia website - not my photo.

This is a detail of the ceiling:

And another detail:

They took the same paper from the walls and created a pattern on the ceiling.  Look at how everything lines up!  Kudos not only to the design team but also to the installer - whom ever you are.  Great job!

While I'm not going to show you every room of the 3,600 plus square foot home I will show you some of my favorite vignettes.  Asside from the foyer - which was jaw dropping with the detail on the ceiling - I also really loved the master bedroom. 

They did a great job of blending modern with traditional and making a whole bunch of patterns play nice.  

I am also a big fan of the power bath.  Again with the awesome wallpaper, carried onto the ceiling.  And I loved the taupe-grey fixtures.  This room, to me, is the perfect masculine/feminine blend.  The paper and the fixtures read very masculine but then they throw in a very ornate Venetian mirror for contrast.  LOVE!

I apologize for the glare in the pictures.  I'm working off a not to great point and click and it was overly lit for the tour.  Again - go see in person!  Its worth it!

In the living room I fell in love with two things.  

1. The rug - which is MASSIVE.  There was no way to photograph it.  Landry & Arcari supplied all the rugs and they were all phenomenal.  I happened to be working with Ken from Landry & Arcari (HI KEN!) earlier in the day and he said for me to specifically look for this rug and to look closely.  

Its a masterpiece, and huge!  Have I mentioned its large?  Its also 100 years old.  But beyond its size and age its like a woven "Where's Waldo".  The design has all these different types of animals hidden within its boarder and field.  This shot below is just a small sample:

How many different animals can you see here?  Again, SO much more amazing in person!

The other piece I fell for in the living room was this chair:

It is a unique one of a kind piece and is just so supremely beautiful.  I love the gold detailing, pagoda top and Chinoiserie seat.  

The house is definately a show house, and a show stopper.  They have his and hers master bathrooms.  I called it a "marriage saver".  Still think it is!

This is a shot of "her" space"

Isn't that etagere just fabulous?!  Also totally obsessing /dying over this!

And "his" space:

Loving the sconces on the mirror from local favorites Lucia Lighting - who by the way also did a great job with all the lighting in the Design Home.  I also really like the rich traditional cabinetry paired with the modern faucets.  And again - more wallpaper!

Those are all the pictures that were "good enough to print".  I can't recommend enough taking the trip to see the Design House for yourself.  Remember all the proceeds go to Boston Children's Hospital which is such an amazing non profit.   

Here's another link to buy tickets

Thanks to the folks at Boston Magazine for inviting me to participate in the bloggers tour.  It was a great way to get my creative juices flowing once again. 

Bad, Bad Blogger

I should totally be punished!  Quick!  Call the blogger police!  I completely let things slide this summer - which by the way went in the blink of an eye!!  Anyone else feel that way?

So now its time to get off my ass and start posting some stuff!  And I have a lot of it coming.  Here's what I've been working on (all of which will be coming soon):

Loft Living: A cool loft condo in Cambridge for a client

Our "new" dining chairs:

Design on a Dime: Furnishing and styling first "grown up" condo for a clients' son.  All done on a tight $3000 budget.

The design board for the project:

Bloggers Tour:  Boston Mags' design house in Swampscott.  Got a press tour before the opening - boy did that get my creative juices flowing!  See the maser bedroom below!

I'm currently working on all of these posts so check back soon for more on all of this and some pretty pictures to back it all up.

Basement Happenings

Hi Y'all!  So again its been about a month since my last post, but again I've been a busy little bee.

First and foremost my clients' bathroom, and my personal all time favorite space was recently featured on  Click here  (or you can click on the picture to the right) to check out the Before and After editorial. .  SO exciting right?!

So besides being over the moon and attempting to Tweet, Instagram and Facebook that little tidbit, I've also been busy trying to get the basement into a more livable  fashionable condition. We're having a party this weekend and I am frantically trying to put the houses' best foot forward.  

Yes, I know how crazy that sounds.  

I had delusions of grandeur that I would get both bathrooms painted, bench cushions made for the playroom and pillows for both the living and playrooms complete.  Yeah, right!  

Though I have been able to accomplish quite a bit in the last few weeks, I am definitely not going to check off my entire list.  So here is a rundown of my latest DIY accomplishments.

First and foremost my Piece de Resistance- our new hall bath toilet.  Installed by MOI!

Our old toilet was well, crappy!  
Though this was fairly easy to install I definitely recommend reading the directions first! I thought I could be all suave and just install the thing, but no.  First time we flushed it, water gushing, and I mean GUSHING out of the back.  Tried to figure out the issue without any luck.  Had to call my plumber who was, of course, not available.  It was a Saturday and all.  After a break and a trip to Home Depot, I decided I was going to conquer this bitch.  
So I came home and read the directions.  Turns out I had put a piece in the wrong place!  Once that was fixed we were good to go!  Looks pretty swanky right?

Now on to the pretty stuff.   For the last few months our playroom "risers" (not quite sure what else to call them) have looked like this:

My apologies for the crappy iPhone pic.  So this was the general state of the riser area (plus the addition of lots, and lots of toys).  I have always had in my mind that I would make cushions to go on the bench portion and paint the larger platform to be used as a game area.  

I have since painted the unfinished wood part of the riser area with white deck paint.  Very basic.  The fun stuff comes with the fabrics. 

The jumping off point came with this shower curtain I found at Target.  $20 for a 72 x 72 piece of fabric, which is a pretty great deal.

Threshold™ Large Ikat Print Shower Curtain

I had originally thought to use this as fabric for faux roman shades, but then decided the pattern was too big and just too much for my small basement windows.  But it looked fantastic in the room with the wall to wall.  So pillows it is.

After a very fruitful trip to Joann Fabrics this is the general scheme that I'm working with (note the piece of shower curtain in the front):

The solid green is a Sunbrella fabric and will be used on as the seats of the benches.  The rest are pillows and accents, but more on that in a later post.

At this point I've managed to upholster the bench seats.  To do this yourself you'll need the following:

*1/4" plywood cut to the desired size of each cushion.  - In my case I have 2 cushion which are 20 x 52 and one at 18 x 35.  
*Batting - to wrap around the foam - it just gives the finished cushion a little nicer look and helps to soften the edges
*High Density upholstery foam.  I used 2" thick. This part gets expensive but there isn't much that you can do about it.  I was  lucky to get mine at Joann's when it was 50% off which was a HUGE savings.
*Spray adhesive 
*Staple gun and staples
*Fabric of your choice 

 Ok so let's begin!  Start with your board cut to size.  You can have the guys at Home Depot do this for you (assuming that is where you buy the plywood)

 Take your spray adhesive and spray the surface of the wood.  I used Loctite high performance spray adhesive.

Once the surface is completely sprayed, lay your foam down on the wood.  

Press the foam firmly to the wood.

I cut the foam just a bit larger than the wood.  About a 1/8 inch or so.  This way once you pull the batting and fabric around it hides the wood completely.

Next lay your batting down and place the cushion, foam side down on top.  Make sure you have plenty of batting to go up and around each side.  

Next you want to pull the batting up and over the sides.    Make sure to pull the batting tight, but not too tight to rip it.

 Start at the short sides and put a staple in each end in the center.

Now that the batting is secure at each end staple each short end.  Spacing the staples about every inch or so.

When you finish the short sides repeat the same for the long sides.  

The corners are a bit tricky.  I have no easy way to explain how to do them. You just have to play with it a bit.  Its kind of like making "hospital corners" on a bed.  Hopefully your mother taught you how!  :)

When you are finished trim the excess batting.  Make sure to leave about an inch and a half. 

At this point your cushion will look like this on the back (or bottom):

And this on the front (or top side) 

Next step is to upholster the benches.  Again lay your fabric down.  Make sure to iron out any wrinkles first. Then repeat the whole process.   Pulling the fabric tight and starting at the short ends. 

The finished cushion will look like this:

And this is what they look like on the (newly painted) risers:

 You can choose to use super strong Velcro to stick the cushions to the seat, or can use rug gripper pads.  Mine are pretty large so at this point they aren't moving, but we haven't been through the full on kid test.  So  jury is still out on that one.

 Looks good right?!
Still needs some throw pillows and those windows are desperate for help, but all in good time.

Stay tuned, I'm having some fun with spray paint as well!

Decidedly Deco

I have always had a love affair with Art Deco styling.  Ever since I took a class in college titled "The History of Decorative Arts" (which should have been titled the History of Interior Design), I have loved Deco.  I swooned when I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and saw their collection of Art Deco furniture.  

So you can imagine how happy I am now that the Great Gatsby has finally arrived and with it all of its Deco/Flapper trends starting which are now starting to seep into fashion and home design.  All the pattern and glitz has got me thinking.  Could deco have a place in our new pad?

For those of you out there who may not know what Deco style is, or for those who may need or want a refresher Art Deco or Deco for short is a style that came about in Paris in the 20's and remained in fashion world wide through the 20's and 30's. Deco as a style usually means bold geometric patterns, rich color and heavy ornamentation. Think black, white and gold with some mirror shine.   You can see its influence in almost anything visual

The Chrysler Building, NYC.  One of the most famous examples of Deco architecture.

Deco Fashion then:
Love this image!  Even the style of drawing exemplifies Deco style. 

Deco Fashion now:
Monique Lhuillier Art Deco inspired gown

How stunning is this diamond and emerald ring??!

Art Deco Parchment Sleigh Bed attributed to Jean-Michel Frank1930's Parchment Sleigh Bed. 
Um, dying over this!

Pair French Art Deco Art Glass Tulip Form Sconces by Ezan
Glass Tulip Sconces.  How fabulous would these look over my mantle?!

 Classic Deco: black, gold, fan motif.

Enough with the history lesson! 

SO can this play a part in our "new house  design?  Its got me to thinking...I've been wanting (obsessing) about a chevron "wood" ceramic floor in the master bath like this:

But now I'm wondering "is this just too IN right now?"  That and all this Deco has got my brain a workin!

Maybe I should just have this:
Stunning perfection, but really, so out of my price range! Take a second look at those cabinets though, drooling...

This, however, could be doable.  Subway tile in a running bond (otherwise known as an offset brick) with some fabulous deco inspired wallpaper or treatment. 

 Maybe something like this:

or this:
A bit on the Art Nouveau side, but I love me some art Nouveau as well!

or maybe this:
Keep coming back to the fan design.

Just too many to choose from!  I'm thinking that fabulous stepped door design might have to somehow be incorporated as well.  

That's all for now!  Check back soon, I'll probably have changed my mind, again, on what to do.

Client Master Bath

Its about time I got around to writing this post.  I've only been thinking about and composing it since last fall when this project wrapped!

This is a master bath gut job that I did for a friend/client.  It is one of my favorite rooms thus far and one that I am the most proud of.  Lets start with some before shots, shall we??

This was the view upon entering the space.  Beige and flesh tones, blech.  Nice cathedral ceiling though.  

This is/was one of the largest jetted tubes I've seen.   My clients would fill the tub with plastic balls and create a ball pit for their two kids.  
Great for a ball pit, as a bathing space, not so much! 

We go from one of the worlds largest tubs, to the worlds smallest shower.  And check out the height of the shower curb.  Now don't get me wrong, shower curbs are great, they keep all the water in the shower and not in your bathroom.  But at 10 inches.  Its a bit much!  Talk about stubbed toes!

And the lovely vanity.  Double sinks great, flesh tones, not.  

So besides being dated and lets face it, ugly, the space also did not work for my clients.   
They are more shower people and bath, so the proportions were completely wrong.  Way too much bath, and way too little shower.  
In addition to that issue they also didn't have enough storage and the room was cold.  This room was at the far end of the house, over a garage.  There was no heated space below to help warm things up and quite simply not the right amount of insulation.

We started by gutting the room down to the studs and then spray foaming the entire space.  Unfortunately I don't have any shots of the gut job.  But here are some in-progress shots...

Tile going up in the shower.  We went with a porcelain which looks like marble.  Large scale rectangular in the shower with an off set subway tile pattern.  The same tile is on the floor in a large scale square.

We created a huge shower, enough for the entire family to shower at once.  The shower was put back into its original space at the back of the bathroom.  We put two "windows" into the shower to take advantage of as much natural light as possible.  

The cabinets going in.  The cabinets are by Bertch.  They are a great company who manufactures here in the US and has a lot of environmental positives.  The finish is one of their newer ones called Shale which is a weathered grey.  Its a great contrast to the more sleek finishes in the tiles.

Here are the two sides of the shower that house the fixtures.  We chose a fantastic "stained glass" tile from Sonoma Tile in two different sizes.  The smaller size we ran vertically down the two walls of the shower and horizontally in the shower niche. 

The floor was inset with the larger size of the stained glass tile for added interest and "wow" factor.  

A view of what will become the showers "windows".

The room has super high ceilings which we didn't want to just "paint".  We needed to do something to make the scale of the room, and the walls feel a bit more human and cozy.  The client had originally thrown out the idea of wallpaper.  But in a bathroom its not great, and it a bathroom with a steam shower (which they added in) its down right horrible.  It would look great for about a millisecond and then begin to peel off the walls.  

So I called on my fabulous faux finisher Kasia (if you've read any of my other blog posts you've heard about her).  Kasia, the clients and myself came up with a fantastic faux stenciled finish that in the end looks like wallpaper - only better.  Its paint and it has a clear coat over it so it will never yellow, and is impervious to mold and water.  Triple bonus!!

Here are some shots of the stencil going up.

And now for the finished space...


 I am thrilled with how this room turned out and my clients love it was well which is even more important! 

 Thanks to all the pros and trades who helped out!
Tom Jacobs Construction
Designer Bath - special thanks to Mindy
Kasia Mirowska - Miro Art and Design
Jennifer at The Tile Source
Joe and Jerry at Tile by Design
Joshua Shaul - photography

Almost there...

Ok, so I'm finally ready to post some (almost) finished spaces!  I know its been a long time since my last post.  And an even longer time since I posted about the house, but I have lots of excuses!  Some of them are even good!

First and foremost, I'm still a complete novice when it comes to blogging.  It just isn't ingrained into my mind/schedule to sit down and post on a regular basis. 

Ok, that's excuse number 1.  

We also moved two weeks ago and between the actual trauma of moving, unpacking, organizing, a toddler, and some small client projects here and there,  I just haven't had time.  

And for my final excuse, well I'm a bit crazy (for those of you who know me you are snorting, rolling eyes, laughing out loud, or a combination of the three, at the "bit" part) and I have this aversion to posting something that isn't "perfect" at least in my eyes/mind.    So the pictures you are about to see are actually a bit hard for me to put out there because they just aren't "finished".  The finished product will come (I hope sooner rather than later), but right now there is just so much love this house needs that some of the decorative has to take a back seat to the practical.

OK!  Enough rambling onto the pretty stuff!! I hope you enjoy!  Lets take a look a a few "before" shots shall we??....
The Living Room Day One.

 And now....

Again this is no way finished.  That fabulous colored flame stitch pillow is currently just fabric waiting to be made into a pillow.  Anyone out there with a sewing machine that I can borrow?   Holla at me!!!  I have drapery panels to be "hacked" yet no rods to hang them on.  Furniture to be refinished/repainted, the list is endless.  

But despite all of this I am really digging the way this room has turned out.  The wall treatment is so fabulous.  Many, many, many thanks to Kasia at Miro Art and Design for helping me with this. 

 I wish you all could see the nuances of the walls.  The metallic with the glaze over is just so luscious.  I've had several people comment that it looks like wallpaper.  And while I am super happy with how this turned out, it was so not for the novice faux finisher.  In retrospect I probably should have had Kasia just do it herself.  As it was she helped with the entire glaze process just because it was nearly impossible for me to figure out on my own.  And once you start there is really no going back, no stopping, and no room for screw ups.  But all that is for another post.  

 This is an attempt at a detail shot of the wall.  The overall effect is less purple/pink and more of a true copper.  

Here you can see the copper coming through and the movement that the striee glaze provides.  Again, just so cool, but also very subtle.  

Here's a shot at night complete with the sleeping dog.

Onto the kitchen.... again lets start with a "before" or two...

And now for the "after"

Ahhh... SO much better right?   So many things that I love about this kitchen, many of which I didn't do.  I know, shocker right?!  The space itself is just great.  The light is fabulous and the cathedral ceiling makes the room feel twice as big.  

As for what I added, I'm thrilled with the way the cabinets turned out and taking out that ugly light over the sink just makes that whole wall look better.  I love the barstools I scored.  They totally rock and will rock even more once I get rid of the rush and cover the seats in this:

The roman shade also turned out quite well if I don't say so myself.  Again another post will come with details but if you can't wait check out this link with all the details:  No sew roman shade.

 Much better, right??!!!

That's all for now folks.  More VERY soon, I promise!  I'll share some behind the scenes details on the kitchen and living room projects and also our plans for our addition!

Ikat Obession

I have an obsession with Ikat.  I can't seem to stop looking at/for this pattern.  So I thought I'd help to get it out of my system by posting some of my favorite Ikats here.  I've had a thing for the pattern in fabric for about a year or two but the REAL obsession started with this:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tile from New Ravenna Mosaics.  I love everything about this bathroom, the mirror, sconces, simple vanity.  Just perfection!  

But I couldn't just stop there, the whole Ikat line from New Ravenna is GEORGEOUS!

Again love the entire vignette!  Especially the old school brass fillers and wood mirror combo.  What a great contrast of materials.  New Ravenna has really (in my opinion) hit it out of the park with this collection.  Please go and check them out.  So stunning!  I am dying to have one of these mosaics in our new master bath.

My other current fabric obsession is flame stitch and or chevron.  I posted this fabric a while ago and am using it as pillows for our new living room.

So I kinda flipped when I found this (also from New Ravenna Mosaics)

Its double the obsessing!! Ikat Chevron!!!  Drooling....

Moving on... another Ikat Chevron via Cutting Edge Stencils.

Love it and considered it for the hall bath, but I think I'm leaning towards another pattern (more on that later).  But if you want/need some Ikat on your walls you can go with one of these:

ikat wallpaper stencil


ikat stencil

Both are also from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Not a D.I.Y. er?  How about some wallpaper.  Love this from Quadrille/China Seas:

Oh and that rug from Madeline Weinrib is pretty fabulous as well!

I mean really her shit is so fabulous. One day I will make enough money to indulge in one of her carpets or fabrics.

Another Quadrille.  I also love almost everything from Quadrille.  Another source I hope to one day have in my home. 

But if Ikat on your walls is not your thing than perhaps you want some on your floor:

Ikat Encaustic cement tile from Villa Lagoon Tile.  Again with the Ikat/chevron.  SEE!  I really DO have a problem.  It is probably a bit much for some, but as a bathroom floor with everything else white.  Maybe a bit of dark wood thrown in.  Gorgeous!  

Not for you?  Ok I get it.  Need something more simple for an Ikat fix? Check these out:

Ikat pillows and purple grasscloth?  Yes please!

This, to me, is the most classic use of this type of pattern.  Clean, neutral room well balanced with some wood and dark pieces and pops of color.  Oh, and do you spy that Lucite cocktail table?  Yeah, I'm a bit obsessed with Lucite as well.  My game plan for the living room involves this table (eventually)

Ok folks. I think I've gotten it out of my system.  Thanks for putting up with me!  I feel freed!  I feel like I can finally find something else to obsess about!  

Stay tuned!....

Progress at a snails pace

So it seems like winter is against me.  Anyone else feel this way?  Every weekend there is snow.  Which we are stuck shoveling at not one, but two houses.  Then when we finish shoveling and try and get down to work, someone gets sick.  Me, the babe, the hubby, even our workmen.  Again I say: it seems like winter is against me.  

BUT Spring comes this week!!!  Perhaps this means we will turn a corner and finish the necessary makeovers/adjustments to be able to finally move?!  I friggin hope so!

In between the many snow storms and sicknesses I did make a few decisions.  Which I am finding very hard to do for myself.  I generally don't have this problem with clients, and rarely second guess myself.  But in MY home its another story.  I almost feel like I rushed the process in my eagerness to jump in with both feet and may have made some (gulp) mistakes?!  Not sure.  Only time and a finished product will tell.  

Anyway back to those decisions.  After wavering for a while (like three weeks) on the carpet for the playroom we finally (well I finally) decided to pull the trigger on the green/blue stripe.

I was really concerned about the green, until I started to shop for some fun fabrics.  I really want to play up the blue/turquoise color and hopefully add some splashes of orange for some pop!  This is what I've found so far.  I've ordered samples and can't wait to see them in person to see if any of this will actually work.

Spice Market, Lime

Ripples, Aqua

Premier Prints Chloe - Birch Barkcloth Drapery Fabric in Frost $12.95 per yard

Premier Prints Menagerie Cotton Drapery Fabric in Grasshopper/Natural $7.48 per yard

Premier Prints Rio Cotton Drapery Fabric in Grasshopper/Natural $7.48 per yard

Richloom Kashan Ikat Drapery Fabric in Kiwi $8.95 per yard

Not sure if I will love/hate any of these, or in what combo they will appear,  but ya got to start somewhere right?  So the other details of the room, you might be wondering?  Well the entire room is being painted white.   Snow White by Ben Moore to be exact.  I thought that was fitting as the main purpose of this room will be a play room.   Ok almost the whole room will be white. 

 I've decided to paint the column and beam in an accent color. 
TBD but some sort of blue picked up from the carpet/fabrics.  

 Besides the plethora of toys which (thankfully) will no longer reside in my living/dining room we will also have our sleep sofa.  This is a gem I picked up many years ago while working at Roche Bobois and is the MOST comfortable sleep sofa ever made!  It looks like this:
Ignore the awful blinds and all the black.  This was our "sunroom" in Florida.  It was basically a hodgepodge of a room packed with stuff that never really got finished.  

The upholstery is white and is in need of some TLC.  But that's OK, because ladies and gents (well probably  just ladies) its a SLIPCOVER!  Don't ya just love it!  Can't wait to get this sucker out of our basement storage and into my new washer.  I think a little bleach will be in order to really brighten her up.  

OK, So lets review, white walls, white sofa. 
Greenish/blue wall to wall.  
Fabrics with green / blue pop as pillows on the sofa.  And cushions/pillows on the still to be finished bench here:
Orange accents.

I think this will work people!  And we just might finally have some progress!

The Power of Paint -2

 I have been completely MIA on this blog as of late, and for that I do apologize   But I've had really good excuses!  For one, I've been in Cambridge the past few weeks staging a house for sale.   It is the residence of a former Harvard Professor and his wife who was a former school teacher.  Pictures and info on that to come soon.  What a job!  This guy had an obsession with books, I mean bordering on hoarding.  There must have been 10,000 books which needed to be dealt with.  And to make matters worse he is no longer with us and his widow never touched anything.  I mean nothing!  But again fodder for another post.

So my other reason for not blogging as of late as I have been painting every free second!  Or shoveling!  Ugh, I hate shoveling. 

We are trying to get into the house as soon as possible.  Carrying two houses in winter is not OK by us.  So I have suppressed my design diva and have declared that if we get the kitchen and basement finished we can officially move.  So here is the progress:

The kitchen before:

The kitchen in progress (note we still have the ugly back splash tile here):

The kitchen now:

Notice the lack of cheesy apple/flowered back splash tiles?  Yup the power of paint strikes again!  Once again we sanded the you know what out of the tile, and then hit it with a coat of a bonding primer.  This is with just the primer.  Already such an improvement   Next step is to give it a coat of high gloss white.  I hope to tackle that over the weekend.  We've also given all the doors, drawers and the bases a third coat of paint.  Just to be super sure.  This is a kitchen after all and will get a LOT of wear and tear.  The ceiling has also been freshly painted and the walls are finished.  We just have to get that gloss white up on the back splash and paint the trim, which also has a coat of primer.

I've also managed to say "buh by" to all the beige trim on the first floor.  Yuck!  So yellow and gross!  Here is again the before:

You can't really tell from these pictures how awful the beige was, you'll just have to trust me.  It was bad.  Here is what things look like now:

Ahh, white...

So much better with just a coat of primer! We've been using an oil primer for all of the trim.  The trim had oil paint on it, and the house had sat empty for a while.  I was strongly encouraged to go with an oil primer.  But we'll use a latex base for th final coat.  Which  I hope to start painting next week.  But first I have to finish off the basement.  And yes, if you are wondering I am ALL OVER THE PLACE in this house.  I totally have renovation ADD!

So here is what the basement looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now.  Still in progress but WAAAAY better!

Just taking the carpet up was a huge help.  That rocket ship (which has become such a pain in the ass) has one coat of stain blocking primer on it.  Which as you can see didn't help all that much!

This is what the walls look like with just primer. And a fresh coat of ceiling white.

Rocket ship wall after stain blocking primer and regular primer.  Hopefully the marker won't bleed through.

That dark spot you see on the floor?   Yeah, that's a water stain.  Lovely, right?  All the rain and snow melt mean water seeping out from under the ledge.  This "stage/seating area" is covering the ledge.

We are going to handle this by putting down a "Dricore" sub floor system.  It is basically an alternate type of  moisture barrier.  Typically a moisture barrier is a thin film of plastic.  In most cases this is ok.  Not so much on concrete slab.  Why?  Because while the plastic might keep water from ruining whatever your finished floor is, it doesn't allow for the water to go anywhere.  So it sits there and can lead to mildew and mold.  The Dricore panels have little plastic feet all over the bottom which allow water to flow, in our case (hopefully) toward the sump pump.  The top is particle board.  You can put any flooring on top of them.  They look like this:

  7/8 in. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. Aspen Subfloor Panel
For the playroom we needed 120 panels.  They are 2 ft x 2 ft each.  We needed a full pallet.  In order to get said pallet to the house we needed to rent a truck, which I got to drive!  Fun!  It was pretty funny actually, little girl, big truck and all.   This is my tough face (sort of):

Samson also got a turn driving:

Anyway, back to the basement.  This is the area rug we are considering. 

Its got an awful lot of green in it, which I'm not digging.   But it's super affordable ($2.20/sq ft) and durable.  Nylon commercial grade.  Even though its a commercial grade carpet it is very soft.  And the low pile would be great for Samson to play on.  I was hoping I could pull out the blue and go with a white and turquoise theme with a punch of orange.  

This is what I had in mind, but in this picture the green goes way too mossy.  Still a "to be determined".

Well that's all for now.  I'm off for a hot shower and some Tylenol after shoveling the foot of snow we weren't supposed to get!

The Power of Paint

Finally a chance to write a post and something to show!!!  Its been a while but we finally have some progress in the house!  Behold: the Kitchen!!!

Ok, so its totally not finished.  Note the lack of lower doors and the hideous back splash tile is still visible.  But we have progress and I just couldn't wait to share!!!

Lets go back to the beginning.  We started with this:

And to get to this:

there were many steps involved.

Here's what it took to get to this point.

Step 1.

Take all the doors off (possibly obvious, but I'm being thorough) .  Make sure to number them and draw yourself a diagram.  I recommend taking the hinges off as well, if possible.  We did and I was able to write the number in the hole where the hinge sits.  That way I didn't have to worry about painting over the number.

Step 2.

This was by far the most tedious step for me.  You have to sand all the doors (fronts and backs), the drawer fronts and all the cabinet boxes and trim.  So not fun.  Our door fronts are raised panels which meant the sanding went really slow.  I used a 200 grit sand paper.  You need to give everything a light sanding.  Just to rough up the surface.  But be sure to hit every surface.  I missed one small area and the primer just beaded up and pulled away.

Step 3.

Wash down all those surfaces that you just sanded.  For all of the cabinet boxes and trim we just used a wet Mister Clean sponge.  That worked really well.  For the door fronts and backs I had to use a tack cloth.  Tack cloth is available at any hardware store.  Its like a combination of cheese cloth and fly paper.  Super sticky.  It was necessary though to get all of the fine particles and dust out of all the crevices   You do not want any dust to show up once you start to paint.

Step 4.

This is the step where you start to see some progress.  Use a bonding primer and paint everything that you just sanded.  I used GripCoat, a bonding primer from California Paint.  Surprisingly we only used about a half a gallon. So I'll have plenty left over for the back splash and bathroom. 

When we (and the we I am referring to in this post is my mom, Thanks Mom!!!) finished the cabinets looked like this:

As you can see the primer coat is not full coverage.  But you don't need that, you just need a light coverage on every surface.

Step 5.

The fun begins.  Now its time for the real paint.  So there are a few different ways to go when painting cabinets.  One is to use oil paint.  That will give you a very smooth, strong surface.  But it takes forever to cure (dry) between coats and it is very smelly.  The other option is to use a water based paint, and I've even heard of people sealing this afterwards for added strength.

We did neither of the above.  We did two coats of a wonderful new product from C2 called Cabinet & Trim.

This stuff is SUPER cool!  C2 (which is a great paint company in the first place) has hooked up with Vermont Natural Coatings and has added PolyWhey to their latex paint.  What does this do you might be asking?  Well it essentially helps the latex (water based) paint to act like a oil paint.  Meaning it will give you smoother coverage and will be more durable but without the oil stink.  AND its natural!!! Love it!!!  Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and made from recycled dairy whey.  Basically recycled cheese!  

It covers so nicely!  I was really worried about the fridge cabinet and the island and brush marks.  But this paint smooths itself out just like oil!

Here are some more of the progress photos from the weekend:

Cabinet doors after the primer coat.  Awaiting a first coat of paint.

My mom finishing up the primer on some doors.

After the first coat of both colors.

Had to throw in some pics of my little man.  This is him and my mom from today.  He really likes to climb the ladders.

This is him telling her she missed a spot, on the ceiling apparently!

Last one, cause he's such a cutie!

So for the colors we decided on C2's Seraph for the top and Farrow and Ball's Railings for the bases.  We had our local paint store (thanks Jon @ Waters & Brown!) custom mix the Farrow and Ball color into the C2 paint.  (Sorry Farrow & Ball, you're too rich for my wallet).

After two coats of paint on the backs we decided to hang the doors and finish them that way.  This is after one coat of paint.

Here are the backs of the base cabinets awaiting my return tomorrow with one coat of paint thus far.

So all in all a productive weekend.  So excited to finally see some real change!  The whole fam helped out and we were all busy little bees today.  We ended up having to send my little man away to hang out with his great grandmother after he kept putting his hands on the wet cabinets.  While my mom and I were attacking the kitchen, my husband and dad ripped up the rest of the nasty sub floor in the basement.

That's all for tonight folks!  The little man is heading for bed and so am I.  Can't wait to be back with more finished pics.  Oh and be on the look out for additional posts from the @Passport2Design bloggers tour.  If I can tear myself away from painting long enough to write them!  

Passport 2 Design

Hello All!  Its been a while since my last post, but I have a really good excuse!  We took a trip to Florida for a few weeks.  But don't be jealous, it really wasn't all fun and games.  The hubby worked the whole time and we spent the first week traveling every 2 days.  That combined with the munchkins shall we say intestinal problems made for not so nice of a first week.  The second week was better though. now we're back and I'm ready to jump back into things!  But hold the phone!  I was invited to take place in the Bloggers tour of Passport 2 Design.  How anyone knew about this blog is beside me, but I was/am thrilled and humbled that Yvonne Blacker, from Designer Bath, who was our lovely organizer, invited me to join.

I had a great day seeing the 5 showrooms which are involved in Passport To Design:  Circle FurnitureTile By DesignDesigner BathLandry and Arcari, and Lucia Lighting, as well as meeting and hanging out with fellow designer/bloggers.   A great day was had by all.  Over the next few days and weeks I'm planning on a post for each separate showroom, but for now here are a few of my favorites:

Fabulous Chair & 1 1/2 w/ ottoman.  from American Leather @ Circle Furniture.  I'm sure you will see this posted a lot by any of my fellow bloggers.  We all seemed to LOVE this.  I personally LOVE everything about this, including the color!  I want, no MUST HAVE this in our new (eventual) master. As is, no changes!   

Keeping with the "green" theme, some fabulous pencil marble mosaics from Tile by Design.  Love the color and slim take on the pencil mosaic!

From Designer Bath we have a fabu dual color kitchen Faucet from Brizo.  Love this!  The shape is so womanly to me.  I only wish they made faucets in brushed brass as I am coveting this for the kitchen:

These rug samples from Landry and Arcari are so luscious!  Wool and Silk blend and just, well, luscious!  I love the colors and the water color effect.

And last but certainly not least is my favorite fixture from Lucia's.  I have been secretly coveting this for about a year now.  Its from Studio Bel Vetro, and I LOVE it!.  Crappy picture which just doesn't do this gorgeous hand blown glass piece justice.  Please, go check it out in person if you can.

 So that is all for now folks!  I'll be back shortly with more detailed posts for each showroom as well as some house updates.  Hope this tides you over!  ;)

50 Shades of Grey

Ok so not THAT 50 Shades of Grey, which surprisingly I haven't read!  Its more the theme for the house at this point.  Kasia was kind enough to stop by again with sample boards and a few more paint thoughts.  I think we are in good shape and have narrowed the color scheme down to this:

For the walls in the kitchen and hallway we've decided on Iced Cube Silver by Ben Moore: 


For the upper cabinets we've decided on Benjamin Moore's Moonshine.

Its a really pretty grey with a slight green cast, but it works really well in the space and with our lighting.  I had been going back and forth on the color of the bases.  Had been considering Ben Moore's Baby Seal Black


 but was waiting on a sample of Railings from Farrow and Ball to arrive.  It arrived yesterday and I was able to put a sample up.  This is by far the winner!

Farrow & Ball Railings
I know its super hard to tell the difference on a computer screen.  And many of you would tell me they look the same in person, but the Baby Seal Black has a hint of blue, and Railings is more of a true grey with a slight brown undertone.  It looks fantastic in the space!

I'm playing with very subtle shade differences in the main living spaces.  It won't have as much impact on line, but in person it will (hopefully) be fabulous.  Very sophisticated.  

I also took a look at the cabinet handles I ordered as samples.  While I love the color/tone of these

I'm just not sure I am in love with the handle itself.  They might be a bit too delicate.  I am thinking I might need to go a bit bigger (read: more expensive, gulp!).  They are great at $1.25 a pop, but I don't think I'm sold.

Now on to the fun stuff!!!!  Here comes the rest of the grey!  In the dining room, which is directly opposite to the kitchen we are going to do a decorative treatment.  The sample is something Kasia had produced for another client, they didn't go for it, what a shame!  The base is almost a putty color and the glaze is called Pearl so it has a slight sparkle to it.  It does a really great job of bouncing the light around which is great as there is only the one set of windows up high.  Also the ceilings, though they are 7 1/2 ft seem super low coming off of the 12 ft ceiling in the kitchen.  This does a great job of adding some extra brightness.  Here is what the sample board looks like:

 Pictures just don't do it an ounce of justice!  Once its all finished I'll get some better pictures for you.

In the living room we are going for something that will (hopefully) look something like this:

This sample is a fabulous plaster with a waxed finish.  It has copper undertones with a grey wash over and a bit of metallic wax.  Super cool!  Not something I can attempt on my own right now with everything that needs to be prepped and painted.  Kasia has graciously offered to attempt to achieve this same look/feel with paint and glaze.  If its not possible to acheive the same look Kasia will help me to execute the plaster, or rather, I'll help her to do it for us!  :)  We also picked a custom (by Kasia of course) light/mid tone grey for the trim.   Can't wait to say buh-by to all the beige trim.  Blech!

So excited by all of this!  Which the prep work would go faster (and that I'd have more time to get it done) so that we could see some results.  Which of course I am all too happy to share with y'all!

In the mean time I've attempted to satiate my need for all things pretty by a little excursion to Zimmans in Lynn over the weekend.  While there I picked up samples of these fabrics:

I am so diggin the crazy Ikat flame stitch.  I had dreams of using it on these barstools:

Ikea Henriksdal counter stool

But alas, it is 100% linen, sigh.  I'd have to be completely out of my mind to attempt a slipcover in that.  With a 3 year old!  I don't THINK so!  So maybe pillows in the living room?  We'll see.  Still playing around with everything.  

So that's all for now folks! I have some fabulous ideas brewing for the hall bath that I'll share with you soon.  So stay tuned!!!

And so it begins....

So we are officially homeowners yet again!

We are jumping right in feet first with tearing up, patching, painting and stripping of wallpaper.  And its a family affair!  Yesterday and today we got everyone involved, even our 3 yo Samson!


He had a really fun time first writing on the walls (a ONE TIME ONLY) experience he's been told.  Then helping to strip the wallpaper.  The kid has no fears and was climbing up on the ladders with us.  He even tried to climb the scaffolding which we strictly forbid (or at least tried to, caught him a few times half way up)
We tackled a lot of the wallpaper in the kitchen.  My mom, the acrobat that she is tackled most of the high stuff.

I managed to tackle most of the one soon to be "accent" wall.  And some of the high stuff.

Horrible picture, can't believe I'm actually putting it on the web!!

Looks so much better already!!  We'll finish tomorrow...

My hubby and dad tackled the carpet on the stairs (I warned you this was gross, be warned again!!!)

My husband and I tackled most of the "seating" area together.  Mostly because I was dying to know what was under there!  We figured it was ledge as most of Marblehead is built on ledge.  Though there was some, as far as we could tell its mostly a big glob of concrete?  Strange, I know!  My thought is that there is ledge under the concrete and some genius thought if they dumped a big ol mess of concrete over it that it would seal it.  Game plan here is to find some cheap labor to come in and jack hammer it out.  Which would be a total bonus as then we'd get way more use out of the room.  So here are the before shots.  

It was really way more disgusting in person!

And now we have during:

And after, or at least after the carpet and pad was removed.  SO much brighter!!

I've also been toying with colors for the kitchen a bit more.  I was feeling a bit all over the place so I asked my friend and fabulous faux finisher Kasia Mirowska to come over to brain storm with me.  Check here out here.  She is a super fabulous painter and decorative artist and I greatly value her opinion.  We've worked out a plan for some decorative finishes for the living room and dining room (sample boards to come soon) and have changed directions a bit for the kitchen.  I'm sorry for the lack of pretty visuals but I left all my paint fans at the house, so you'll just have to wait!  

Kitchen Musings

Here's a little tidbit about what I'm thinking for the kitchen:

I'm planning on painting out the wood cabinets.  Thinking something along the lines of this for the uppers:

F & B Blackened
 Farrow & Ball's Blackened.
 It looks a lot more pink online than in person in my fan deck.

 My other choice is C2's Oracle.  (Agian looking a bit pink).  They are both a very pale grey.

For the bases either:
F & B Railings
Black Blue
F & B Black Blue

I'm ordering samples to do some test swatches and see what they look like in the space.  As for the cabinet hardware I'm really, really, I mean REALLY obsessed with these:
love this!

Siro Eos collection.  But of course at $8.70 a pop they are out of our price range.  We are on a limited budget as we need to save our pennies for the addition.  So I believe my next choice will be these:

    Hickory Hardware 3-in Center-to-Center Lustre Brass Eclipse Bar Cabinet Pull

These from Hickory Hardware are only $1.28 each.  Can't beat that!  Well, actually you can.  I've been toying around with the idea of these:
           SÄTTA handle, assorted colors Length: 4 1/4 " Width: 1/2 " Depth: 1 1/4 " Length: 108 mm Width: 12 mm Depth: 31 mm 
From Ikea.  Not entirely sure which color.  But for $2.99 for a 6 pack that price is hard to beat!  I really wanted to do the whole mixed metal thing though.  Jury is still out on that one....

As for the counter tops   In the beginning I am probably just going to paint out the laminate.  I have dreams of combining concrete for the back "L" shape with either quartz or marble for the island.  I am hoping I can find a great remnant at one of our local marble places for that.  I really like the idea of marble because I do like to bake.  And having a big ol' slab of marble to roll dough out on would be great!  

Eventually I'll also change out the back splash  but that might have to get the paint treatment in the meantime as well.  When that time does come I'd like to try doing an install myself using this:


This is courtesy of Molly Frey, another local Marblehead designer.  She has a great blog post about installing these tiles.  You can check it out here:MollyFreyCork

I have always loved these cork mosaic tiles.  I am thinking of more of a white wash on the tile and a darker grey grout.  

I'm completely unsure about colors as of yet.  I have some ideas but first I'll have to get rid of all the wallpaper.  Should be fun as some of the spaces are 12 ft high!  Like here:  

I want it to be a great accent wall, but I'm kinda all over the place in my musings for this.  Funky stencil, art wall for the kid (possibly kiddo's) not sure.  I'm conflicted because of the space adjacent to the kitchen in the dining room.   

 I want to do something like this:

In this closet over here:

They kind of reside on the same wall with just a hallway separating the two.  The large angled wall is in the kitchen and this is picture is the view from the kitchen into the dining space.  I'd love to take off the doors and open up the wall a bit to do some sort of built in.  I don't really need/want the sink.  Really more like a server.  But I do dig the idea of glass shelves for display. 

So those are my musings for the moment.  I'll be back with more soon....  


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The FUN stuff:
I am a designer who designs for her clients, not herself.  I’m a mom, a wife, an image consultant, a sounding board, a friend and a source of inspiration.
I am here to, in some cases bring out your inner design diva; did you know she was hiding?  For others, I am here to help you to create a welcoming, refreshing retreat.  It all depends on YOU.  That is my one hard and fast rule, you, the client, HAVE to be happy.  It is your home and you live there.
A large part of what I love about my career is that every project and each client is different.  I am attracted to all types of designs and styles and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  I am allowed to express my love for all design styles through my clients, which is a gift.  While I love to be able to have different clients, each with a unique design aesthetic, I also realize not every client is MY client.  Not everyone can be a fit, and that is ok.  But by having a designer you fit with, you are assured to have the home, room, space of your dreams!

The Details:
I was raised in Swampscott, and earned my degree at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics. My career in interiors began in the furniture business, at Today’s Home in Middleton where my primary job was retail. Here the design bug really caught me.   I was forming wonderful relationships with my retail clients and this was creating opportunities for me to do additional design work and even whole homes!  I transitioned from Todays Home, eventually to Roche Bobois, a high end European furniture company located in Boston.
I enjoyed the different, more modern aesthetic that working at Roche Bobois afforded me.  The owner of the store, who at the time owned six stores down the East coast, offered me the opportunity to move to South Florida.  The move to South Florida proved to be a fortuitous one as I met my husband and eventually branched out on my own.  It also introduced me to one of my mentors and to discover the benefits of environmentally friendly practices.   I began to incorporate this knowledge into my own design practice.  Eventually it became clear that it would be beneficial for both me and my mentor if I merged my business with theirs.  As the Assistant Design Director for the award winning environmental firm Eco Décor in North Palm Beach, I earned the designation of a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional), and was part of a design team which won 2009 ASID South Florida Design Excellence award for Sustainable Design for a commercial project.   
In addition to my career in environmental design, I also formed Eco Universal ( an environmental 501 c 3 nonprofit organization.   This has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date.   Although I was forced to put the dreams surrounding this nonprofit on hold, I continue to be a strong advocate for environmental friendly design.  I try encourage using ecofriendly products, practices (why buy new, when you can refinish?) whenever my clients and their projects are open to them.
A change in firm for my husband brought me and our newly increased family back to the North East.  After taking some time off to be with my son, the design bug caught me again.  After a quick stint with a local designer I decided to again venture out on my own.  As the principal of Megan Meyers Interiors I am enjoying forming close relationships with my clients and helping them to achieve the home of their dreams one room at a time.  I currently live in Salem with my husband Jon, our son Samson, and our dog Sugar. 


Hello All (or really just Jill who is probably the only person who will read this at first!) :)  

Welcome to my newly created blog.  

This is my first foray into the blogosphere so be patient.  First a little about myself (and the reason behind this blog).  I'm an interior designer, wife, mom, shop-a- holic and general design junkie.   I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but didn't want it just to be based on my interior design business.  So when my husband and I decided to buy a house it seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive right in (in more ways than one!).

SO lets get started!  We are about to buy cute little ranch house which I am thrilled to redo/redesign room by room (Literally ABOUT to!  We close on Thursday!).  Eventually we will add an addition on... but I digress.  I love the idea of recording our(my) journey of turning this unloved and lost little ranch into the fabulous home I believe it can (and will be).  Lets face it, it really is MY journey.  Though the hubby has some say, really this is my baby.

So with out further adieu here are some before shots of our soon to be lovely little ranch....



More pictures to come.  These are of the kitchen (obvious, I know) living room and dining area.  The tiny bedrooms will not be a focus as we're planning on an addition, more on that later.  For now I'm planning on focusing on these 3 rooms, and the basement.  The basement will consist of my office and a playroom/guest room space.  Pictures of that (hideous as it is now) will come soon.

So here you have it! The first images of our lovely little ranch.  That's my hubby and son in the outside shot.  More coming soon on whats to come (hint, it entails a LOT of paint!!)